Business Plans

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We develop business plans on standards:

A business plan makes your business idea clear for any external viewer. As well business plan can outline internal goals of the company or detail your way to achieving those goals  (for example, for the Supervisory Board). Business plans are required for negotiations with investors, grantors, banks etc.

There are many business projects aren’t able to find investors and raise funds in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus. These markets are increasingly attractive for investors, but business culture is very specific there. Very often potential investors can’t understand, how businessmen going to get a profit. Financial calculations may be not clear for potential investors.

«How is it possible?!», they are asking.  «IRR can’t be more than 100%! It’s wrong!»

Yes, it may be a mistake, because businessmen are bad financial managers, as a rule. But IRR at these markets can be more than 100% and more than 200% really. This fact makes markets in East Europe so attractive.

We are developing business plans using UNIDO standard. UNIDO is United Nations Industrial Development Organization. This is an international standard, which is flexible enough to describe any business project.

Usually, the business plan structure includes:

  1. Project Summary
  2. Market and industry: PESTEL, Porter’s 5 Forces analysis
  3. Description of the business model (how  the project plans to earn money), Value Chain Analysis
  4. Description of the features of goods and services produced by the project, as well as competitive advantages
  5. SWOT-analysis of the project
  6. The plan of production (construction, an introduction of certain services and products)
  7. Marketing plan (promotion plan) and sales plan
  8. Organizational plan (organizational structure of the company, main business processes, staff)
  9. Financial plan (in P&L forecast format)
  10. The sensitivity of the financial model analysis
  11. Characteristics of the main risks and methods of hedging risks
  12. Project team
  13. Integral assessment of the effectiveness and investment attractiveness of the project
  14. Apps

The content and format of the business plan is strictly depending on the goals, the audience. A business plan for a manufacturing company differs from one for a company that does business in the field of logistics, services, research, etc. The business plans differ if they are done for a potential investor,  bank, top management and the company owners, obtaining grant financing, PR purposes, social business. Every business plan is unique like a fingerprint.

A heart of the business plan is a financial model.  All the main indicators are linked to each other in Financial Model, so changing each indicator affects the results.

The basic business plan can be very brief, it will include the financial model and the brief of the project. Its development will take up to 2 weeks, and it is very inexpensive for the customer.

A more detailed business plan usually requires 1-2 months. It is possible to develop a video presentation, voiced by professional actors. We can translate a business plan into any language. These options will increase the cost.

The prices for the development of business plan are absolutely standard, average in the market. We have at our disposal two dozen experts in different industries who have cooperated with us for many years, we trust them, they trust us.

The business plan is a secret document: we sign the NDA and we strictly follow it. Even excerpts of the business plan developed for you cannot be used by us in other business plans. The exception is public information from international databases and open sources that of course can be used by anyone and anyhow.