The book «Consciousness: User’s Manual» by Alexander Shokhov was published in 2009.
This book teachs you how to use your consciousness to be happy and succeed.
What is consciousness? This is a system, consisting of intelligence, imagination, memory, semantic structures, models yourself, models of the world, models of other people, etc. However, the main component of consciousness is «I-Center».
When you say «I am I,» you’re talking about your I-center.
It is important that I-center can delaminate.
Each layer of I-center appears as a result of a reflexive jump. You are now reading the text. Ask yourself: «What am I doing?».
When you are asking the question, you would like to see yourself from outside. This is a reflexive jump. In a state of reflexive jump you can see the meaning and purpose of your activities.
In this condition one layer of your I-center continues to read, and another layer of your I-center (where you are after reflexive jump) begins to view what you are doing in the first layer.
When you’re jumping. you can see aims, positions and interests of another people and understand them better.
You can view meaning of your words and acts. You can manage yourself better.
Now make a new reflexive jump. Ask yourself: «How can I view the meaning of my words and actions?»
The second reflexive jump allow you to see how you are think, how you manage your activity. New layers of your I-center allows you to enrich and expand your consciousness.
«Consciousness: User’s Manual» contains dozens of techniques improve the efficiency of consciousness.
How to stop being a victim of circumstances? How to put a goal? How to design a personal strategy? How to form the desired situation?
Answers to these and other questions form the content of the first part of the book. The second part of the book devoted to the meaning of human life and travels on the mental world.
The book was published in Russian. The electronic version can be purchased at the author’s site

Consciousness: User's Manual